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Councilperson-elect Bob Charland Announces Key Staff Hirings Ahead of January Swearing-in

December 20th, 2023
Pittsburgh, PA

Promising a Responsive and Experienced Approach: Charland Highlights Battle-Proven Team

Councilperson-elect Bob Charland today announced the hiring of Joyce Pagan, Alicia Carberry, and Donna Wielock prior to his swearing-in on January 8, 2024.


“Personnel shapes policy and I believe that this battle-proven team fulfills the policy concerns I’ve heard from residents all throughout the district: We want a council office that is available and accessible, we want to live in a cleaner city, and we’re fed up with being neglected by Grant Street. As a former staffer myself, I know that experience matters and on day one, our office will have over 30 years of experience delivering for Pittsburgh residents,” said Charland.


Joyce Pagan has been tapped to serve as Chief of Staff to Councilperson-elect Charland. Joyce has worked for the residents of District 3 for nearly two years as a legislative aide under the leadership of Councilman Bruce Kraus. A community expert, she has gained a deep understanding of the needs of each of District 3’s unique neighborhoods and has developed relationships with the community. Joyce has collaborated with internal and external stakeholders to provide several services for the third district’s constituents, has directed property stabilization efforts, and has managed the day-to-day of the office. As Chief, Joyce’s priority will be to support Councilperson-elect Charland in finding creative solutions to the district's unique challenges by working closely with District 3’s residents, implementing Asset-Based Community Development, and developing public, private, and non-profit sector partnerships. Joyce is a proud graduate of the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh.


Alicia Carberry will start as Policy Director, bringing 8 years of experience working for the City of Pittsburgh in City Council, the Mayor’s office, and the Bureau of Environmental Services - Recycling Division where she helped re-launch the City's e-waste recycling program, distributed 97,000 blue bins, and implemented the GOLD plan (Goals on Littering & Dumping) and the Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban. In City Hall, she worked as an aide to then-Councilman Dan Gilman and later with Chief Operating Officers Guy Costa and Kinsey Casey to support the daily functions of City departments, mainly Public Works. She was instrumental in crafting the policy changes to the City's Chapter 619: Waste & Recycling and 601.11 Littering & Dumping and formulated initiatives such as the 14-point plan for deconstruction. Alica’s additional achievements include co-chairing the Clean Pittsburgh Commission from 2017-2021 and co-founding the annual Garbage Olympics in 2017. She has co-chaired the City’s best-known and largest litter clean-up event since then. Alicia looks forward to continuing to bring people together to problem solve and further demystify City processes, now focusing on District 3’s neighborhoods. Alicia is a graduate of the Community College of Allegheny County.


Donna Wielock will serve as the Director of Senior Services. She has worked with Councilman Kraus since 2009, connecting District 3’s residents with resources and working in the neighborhoods to meet people where they are at. One of Donna’s proudest accomplishments was opening a satellite office in 2009, at the Allegheny County Probation Center, creating a place for residents to speak to staff in-person. The first satellite office saw so much success that additional satellite offices were opened at the UPMC Southside Hospital and People’s Oakland. While Donna looks forward to serving all the residents of District 3, she’s particularly passionate about her continued service to senior citizens by ensuring that all their needs are met. She is also leading efforts to re-open satellite offices in the district.




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